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Private Chef Experience

Our Flag Ship Service

This service is designed to bring a fine dining restaurant experience to the comfort of your home. We will work with you to create a menu to fit within your budget. On the day of the event we will arrive promptly at the agreed upon time, prep, cook, serve and even clean up after. We remove all the stress and fuss of hosting a dinner party so you can just sit back and enjoy the time with your family/friends. 

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Stoocked Buffet

Catering &
Special Events

Personalized Menus and Dinner Service 

We take pride in the service, quality of food and attention to detail allowing us to achieve the highest level of catering expected by our client's. Our premium buffet style service provides catering to wedding celebrations, bar mitzvahs, special events, corporate events and at-home gatherings. We deliver fully prepared meals to your event, ready for you to serve. Our Head Chef is available upon request to oversee the set up and meal preparation on the day of your event. 

Personalized Meal Prep Services

Your Covid Friendly Contactless Service

This service is perfect for the busy family with an active lifestyle who may not have the time to plan healthy meals each day. We work with you to build a weekly meal plan for your family that are customized to your individual dietary restrictions. We deliver your fully prepared, nutritious meals to your doorstep ready to reheat, serve and enjoy. 

Food Packaging
Food Workshop

Cooking Party Classes

Learn From A Professional 

Ever wanted to learn how to make a certain dish, or how professional chefs create such beautiful plates. You and your guests can now learn the skills of the trade yourself in a fun interactive setting by a chef with over 15 years of industry experience. 
Lessons can be fully customized to what you would like to learn, some examples are listed below.

The Art of Plate Presentation

You will learn techniques industry professionals use when plating a dish.

Italian Restaurant

A Tour Through Italy

Experience the mouth watering Italian cuisine as you are guided by the chef as you create these exceptional dishes on your own.


Traditional Cuisine

The Latin Experience

Learn how to recreate some of Latin America's most popular dishes, Whether it’s a traditional tamale, a delicious piaya or a Brazilian stew, you will feel the latin vibe in your soul.


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